Marketing Policies and Strategies

All seniors are required to enroll in a 'Senior Culminating Experience' (SCE) and the SCE for Marketing majors is called Marketing Policies and Strategies. Each week we had a Harvard Business School case study to read in order to contribute to a class discussion led by one of our classmates.

The case I was assigned to read and teach to the class was about Virgin Mobile. Included here is the presentation that went through different marketing concepts that we have been learning about for the past 4 years as well as the problems and solutions that the case faced. I also included the Excel document that was used when crunching numbers that the case had provided. Since I was essentially teaching a class, I provided print outs of formula sheets so my classmates really could follow along as I explained the Excel sheet.

This experience of teaching a class was new and beneficial for me! My classmates were engaged and understood the material. Additionally, my professor told me that this was the best breakdown of the 'numbers' he had seen.