Individual Projects

These are projects that I completed when I was not focused on other projects.

The Fan Feedback Network was a five way survey that started before, during, and after the 2016 Summer Olympics. I went through the results of all waves and made a deck which kept getting narrowed down from an original 150 slides. Once it was condensed enough, I presented the nuggets of information from the Fan Feedback Network to the Director of Marketing Activation and Research.

The Instagram Video Analysis was an idea that came to me based on pure curiosity. I wondered which types of Instagram videos were most engaging so I compared different types of videos amongst different accounts. I took my findings to the Associate Director of Social Media.

The Team USA Awards Report is an Excel document I had created since there was no established way of keeping this information organized. With my report, it was easy to keep track of different metrics from month-to-month when Team USA Awards are presented. This report is mainly for the communications, digital media, and social media teams. When I left my internship I created a 'How-to Guide' so the next intern new how to update the report.